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To fully access and interact with the blockchain and NFTs, you need a decentralized crypto wallet that is compatible with decentralized applications such as NFT marketplaces.

Choose crypto wallet

To stay safe and at the same time get full access to NFTs and cryptocurrencies on the blockchain Ethereum blockchain a crypto wallet should offer; control over your own private keys, compatibility with the majority of cryptocurrencies out there, compatibility with various NFT marketplaces and compatibility with different browsers. Here we describe the most popular crypto wallets used on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Hardware wallets

Crypto hardware wallet Ledger

Ledger Nano S Plus

A crypto wallet from Ledger with capacity for up to 100 apps and is equipped with a relatively large screen. The device supports most cryptocurrencies and you can easily track your assets via the Ledger Live app that you connect to the wallet.

Ledger Nano X hardware wallet

Ledger Nano X

Ledger's crypto wallet that gives you all the features you find in the Ledger Nano S Plus, while also allowing you to connect your hardware wallet via Bluetooth. The wallet is mobile compatible and easy to use 'on the go'.

Ledger Stax hardware wallet for NFT

Ledger Stax

Ledger's latest crypto wallet is the first crypto wallet with a touchscreen, allowing users to view their NFTs on the screen and enables signing of transactions in a more user-friendly way through the screen.

Hardware wallet Trezor

Trezor One

Trezor One is one of the earliest and currently cheapest crypto wallets on the market. The device supports most of the cryptocurrencies and the model can be seen as an economic choice while security remains high.

Hardware wallet Trezor

Trezor Model T

Trezor's crypto wallet that gives you all the features you find in the Trezor One while there is greater support of cryptocurrencies, a larger color touch screen, more functions and support for microSD cards.

GridPlus Lattice1 crypto wallet

GridPlus Lattice1

Lattice1 from GridPlus has a 5-inch screen that enables clear and easy-to-read transaction details. The device offers a tamper-proof design and multiple layers of protection for sensitive data.

Software wallets​​

MetaMask crypto software wallet


MetaMask is the most widely used software wallet on Ethereum that also provides an interface, enabling users to connect to decentralized applications on Ethereum. The wallet is available both as an app and browser extension and is compatible with all NFT marketplaces on Ethereum.

Coinbase software wallet

Coinbase Wallet

The crypto exchange Coinbase's decentralized wallet. The wallet is available both as an app and browser extension and is compatible with most NFT marketplaces on Ethereum, just like MetaMask.

Wallet Connect crypto

Wallet Connect

Wallet Connect is itself a protocol and not a crypto wallet. However, through Wallet Connect, it is possible for +170 wallets to connect to +450 decentralized applications, such as NFT marketplaces.

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