NFT categories

Already today, there are a number of categories NFTs can be divided into. As the use of NFTs becomes established in our daily lives, the number of categories also grows.

NFT categories and their application areas

7 popular NFT categories

NFTs have already created new opportunities in several areas and as more people discover the possibilities, the use of NFTs will continue to expand rapidly. Here we give you an insight into today's most popular NFT categories.

Pfp (profile pictures)

Pfps, such as CryptoPunks, Bored Apes and Moonbirds has quickly gained popularity and the creators have built large communities around the NFT collections, which often includes 10,000 different NFTs.

On social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, profile pictures are among the first things we upload to represent a version of ourselves on the internet. In addition, we upload pictures that present what we like and are proud of.

Similarly, pfp NFTs are used as a representation of a person on the internet which can indicate what the person is interested in or be used as a status symbol.

popular pfp nft collections include CryptoPunks, Moonbirds and Bored Ape Yacht Club
Moonbirds - PROOF

Generative art

Generative art is a form of art where the creator uses a system, such as an algorithm or AI, which is set in motion with a certain degree of autonomy which results in a work of art.

On the leading generative art platform, Art Blocks, selected creators upload their algorithm and announce the sale of their NFT collection. When people choose to buy an NFT from the collection, the artwork is created there and then, through the creator's algorithm and simultaneous registration of the NFT on the blockchain. This creates a certain gamification since no one knows exactly what the purchased artwork will look like, while the buyer also becomes part of the creation process.

Braindrops, founded by Justin Trimble and Gene Kogan, is another popular platform that in turn focuses on AI-generated art. On the platform you will find creators such as Pindar Van Arman and Claire Silver.

Chromie Squiggle was the first generative art nft collection on Art Blocks
Chromie Squiggle - Erick Calderon

1/1 art

1/1 art is artwork where the creator issues a single edition. This means that only one person can own that piece of art, creating scarcity and normally high market value for 1/1 art NFTs created by popular creators. The NFT marketplaces SuperRare and Foundation are the most popular when it comes to 1/1 art NFTs.

Beeple, XCOPY and Fewocius are creators who created NFT art early on. Today their work is hugely popular and several of their 1/1 NFT art sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Sailor – Fewocious


Trading cards, such as hockey, baseball or football cards, have become popular to collect also in digital format. NBA Top Shot quickly became successful in 2021 (and subsequently lost traction) by providing a platform for trading of NBA videos and baseball cards.

Sorarea fantasy football game where users can buy, sell, trade and manage their football cards in the form of NFTs offers a new way to experience fantasy football.

Steph Curry - NBA Top Shot


Photography NFTs are steadily growing in popularity as more photographers discover the opportunities NFTs create and the global base of potential collectors NFTs and the blockchain provide access to. At the same time, collectors are thus given access to an increasing supply of photography NFTs, even if the category NFT photography not yet has established itself in the same way as pfp or art. 

Quantum Art, founded by Justin Aversano, is a platform focused on bringing together photographers and collectors by selling exclusive photography NFTs from selected photographers on its platform.

Photography NFTs is growing rapidly where the platform Quantum Art and photographer Justin Aversano have become popular
#FreeHawaiiPhoto - Cath Simard


A music NFT is a tokenized version of a song, album or music video. With NFTs, artists are given an opportunity to earn an income while having greater freedom to release their music on their own terms, compared to today's methods where intermediaries retain the majority of the artists' earnings.

Platforms such as and offers artists the opportunity to release music NFTs., where among others The Chainsmokers has released an entire album as an NFT, offers fans who buy music NFTs the right to a share of the royalties the song they buy generates.

Established artists like Diplo, The Chainsmokers, Snoop Dogg and 3LAU have created headlines through their entries into the NFT space. At the same time, new artists like Daniel Allan, LatasháReo Cragun and Annika Rose forward by releasing music as NFTs.

Music NFTs give artists increased freedom to release music on their own terms
In My Head - Annika Rose


With NFT powered games, gamers can own their gaming assets. This means that the virtual skins, weapons, characters or land that gamers buy in the game, they can trade and potentially bring into other games. This is in contrast to today's model where the purchase of items in a game is considered consumption.

Popular NFT based games include Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, Wolf Game and Illuvium.

Gaming nfts and axie infinity make gamers go from consumers to owners of gaming items
Axie - Axie Infinity

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