Credit Suisse Launches NFT Collection to Support Women's Soccer.

Credit Suisse NFT

All proceeds from the collection, which consists of portraits of the Swiss Women's National Football Team, will be donated to support women's football in Switzerland.

Swiss investment bank Credit Suisse is partnering with the Swiss Football Association to launch a non-fungible token (NFT) collection in support of women's soccer. According to a press release, the collection includes a series of digital portraits of the members of the Swiss women's national soccer team. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to the team, as well as other organizations dedicated to empowering female soccer players.

The 756 NFTs, minted on Ethereum, will be available for purchase starting July 11 on CSX, Credit Suisse's digital banking application. Additionally, the NFTs will be sold across three packages, ranging from 150 to 10,000 Swiss francs – roughly $167 to $11,000. The packs come with corresponding perks, including a physical piece of art, a meet and greet with the players and an autographed shirt.

Sandra Caviezel, Head of Partnerships and Sponsorships at Credit Suisse, said in a press release that she looks forward to using NFTs as a financing mechanism to help promote the growth of women's soccer throughout Switzerland.

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"These funds will on the one hand provide direct support to the women's national team and on the other hand will be used for girls' football projects and are thus earmarked for the promotion of young talent," says Caviezel.

The intersection of sports and NFTs continues to grow as mainstream brands and teams embrace Web3. Women's football has been a particularly recent area of interest. Last month, Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona collaborated with the popular NFT collection World of Women to release a digital artwork in tribute to star player Alexia Putellas.

This initiative by Credit Suisse and the Swiss Football Association highlights the growing importance of NFT technology beyond its traditional boundaries. NFTs are no longer used solely to buy and sell digital art, but have become an effective tool to raise funds and generate support for various causes, including sports and social rights.

The increasing use of NFTs in football – in both the men's and women's games – highlights how this technology has the potential to reshape how fans interact with sport and how organizations can finance and promote their operations. While traditional methods of fundraising are still valuable, NFTs offer a new, exciting opportunity for organizations to engage fans and raise funds.

At the same time, this initiative points to an important trend: the acceptance of NFT technology by major financial institutions. When a player like Credit Suisse starts using NFTs, it sends a strong signal to the rest of the industry that this technology is here to stay and will become increasingly mainstream. This in turn can drive more research, development and innovation in the NFT world, opening up even more exciting and unexpected uses in the future.


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